Red Letter Christians

"The goal of Red Letter Christians is simple: To take Jesus seriously by endeavoring to live out His radical, counter-cultural teachings as set forth in Scripture, and especially embracing the lifestyle prescribed in the Sermon on the Mount."

Ground Control to Major Tom - Planet Earth is Blue, and there's nothing left to do...

Today. the day after astronauts detected and repaired a "serious but not life-threatening" ammonia leak on the space station, Commander Chris Hadfield has passed over command of the space station. Planet earth is blue and there's nothing left to do ... except to release this video. Sorry, Tilda Swinton does not make an appearance. Video is suitable for all audiences. Hadfield previously on MeFi.

How to become a shaman.

Work on getting in your ten thousand hours of practice. Never stop practicing.

Study in-depth, and study broadly. Study how to study.

Seek out ways to get practice and experience. Volunteer. Attend other people's groups and meetings, and study how they do things, and assess their results.


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