DMT use related to a serious medical issue


60 mg taken in two 30 mg administrations.


"There were two beings there, female and young, carefree and happy. They were running between these ribbons which were now taking on the forms of structures, windows and balconies, flat roofs; I was flying past them as these beings played, their legs flashing as bones and flesh, swirly patterns smearing across the ribbons and being enveloped by the ribbons as the beings themselves moved and ran forward. I caught up and they stopped, pointing and laughing at my white breath that appeared in front of me. White misty clouds and bubbles drifted above and I followed them, leaving the girl like beings behind.

I was in a different place. The ribbons were all now horizontal and with darker colors, black, navy, pink and yellow. I lay there, floating on my back as I tried to make sense of this new place. A face emerged from the horizontal lines, the imprint of a lizard type head pushed through. It was like he was using these ribbons as a protective suit of some sort, like he was pressing his face against it. It watched impassively as I was neatly dissected into cubes and tiles.

I was not scared. It felt like a very willing inspection on my part. It did not feel like I was presenting myself, more that this was the most appropriate thing to do right now. I could feel my left cheek being quite high and to the left from my right cheek. I could feel different parts of my body but their position were completely at odds with the rest.

I felt a cold touch on both sides of my jaw, which were a opposite ends of this place, and it lifted my 'soul' up and out of my head. Once out, I was free to swim or fly around this place. I could see my body disassembled and still felt at ease. A warm presence filled the room. I looked and saw a large glowing red ball of light. It moved slowly and as it did so my body reassembled and I moved closer to my head. My view slowly rotated so that it matched the way my eyes were facing. I knew when I was back in my body when I felt the heat.

I had become me again and I watched this red orb move into me. I thought that this must be to heal my testicular tumour, but it moved past my groin and into my belly which was still reassembling. As it moved to the centre, the last part of my belly came back into place and I felt the most beautiful warm hug. The lizard like creature pulled its face back and seemed to send me a message, that it was going to be a rocky time ahead and that I was able to be fearless. I started to open my real eyes and watched the ribbon world fade and flap away into the night sky."