An experience with pure synthesized mescaline


"1pm-5pm Peaking my face off, tripping balls! (very hard, didnt wanna go outside around people) Me and my SO just layed in bed and talked. We took a shower and it was beyond amazing. Intimacy enhancement is more profound than any other drug i have ever done. Id say the closest thing is 2c-b to the trip but its still way way better than that. I didn't want to do anything i felt great but just sitting and thinking about my life was enough. The drug is incredibly smooth once you get past the first 2-3 hours. You are so high the discomfort fades completely. Its almost like rolling but very tripping, comparable to MDA, candyflipping, or 2c-b but more seamless and smooth.

The trip is not like LSD or mushrooms at all. The closest thing is 2c-b like I said. but its just this incredible feeling that builds and builds and builds until you peak hard. When i was peaking i felt like i had done a mountain of cocaine, the dopamine rush was inane, teeth chattering, sweaty skin, and mild bruxism. It was like the most intense roll i have ever experienced plus tripping. The visuals are very strange. 75% of the time its very calm and colorful and mild waviness, like a normal trip. Then id get these moments of "visions" where objects would shift, warp, spin, multiply, and change size. The most memorable was my hands looked like tree roots (100's of fingers branching out smaller and smaller) then i blink and its gone. Sex was fucking amazing, like indescribably amazing. We both felt very high but not out of control in general. 500mg is a very strong dose IMO, especially of this mescaline, I suspect it is highly pure. You could not keep your shit together around sober people, guaranteed."

my note - this writer does not mention something that I experienced on pure mescaline sulfate, which was a very distinctve geometry in the visuals, hexagons and squares, overlaying everthing, with designs inside every hexagon or square, almost as if each was a little television screen displaying a seperate story.