Holy fuck, are we living in a matrix?



"I can honestly tell you from the bottom of my heart that I was receiving a transmission of some sort from something out there. I was learning something very alien. Throughout the peak of my trip I heard an intense electronic buzzing sound in my mind. I was somehow translating the buzz into an "understanding", I guess, an understanding of something otherwordly.

Then something hit me...we are physically here to experience creation...but it seems like humanity has been "hi-jacked", in a way. What are we here for? Are we here to go to school, get good grades, a 'job', work for 50 years of our life, retire on a shitty pension...then die? Who created this system? Nearly everyone I know around me is broke, still in school or working shitty jobs then they complain about things in their life and never do anything about it. On shrooms I felt like I was finally fucking LIBERATED...I was finally FREE and felt like I was in communion with God...or Christ...or something! I began thinking about my friends and family and I started to realize they haven't experienced this state of mind yet and this could be the reason why individuals may lead such mediocre lives. They are stuck in a "matrix" and they don't even know it. I hope you guys try to understand where I'm coming from"