How to become a shaman.

Work on getting in your ten thousand hours of practice. Never stop practicing.

Study in-depth, and study broadly. Study how to study.

Seek out ways to get practice and experience. Volunteer. Attend other people's groups and meetings, and study how they do things, and assess their results.

Pick specific areas or skills, and practice them especially intensely. When you have mastered them to the extent that satisfies you, pick something else, and dive into that.

Whatever attracts you - make sure you study it's opposite as well.

Seek out very special people for love and fucking and mating. Be careful and cautious about fucking people who are not the right kind; it's cruel to them, and it places a special kind of spiritual debt in your accounts.

The single most important decision you will make in your breeding age period is who you love and who you breed with.

Train, train, practice, train, study, then train some more.

It will all be amazing, but, there is a price.