The idea of Training

Something that is an important theme for me, an idea that I return to again and again, is - The idea of Training.

If you want to realize the full potential of psychedelic consciousness, you have to train. There is no alternative route that works, as far as I can tell.

Now, one of the common reactions that one will get to this assertion, that you have to train, is, "Well, shouldn't it come naturally?".

To which I might respond, depending on the situation, with this counterquestion: "Did it come natiurally to you, to be able to read these letters and understand the words I am typing (or, if I am in personal physical conversation, I would say "hear these sounds and words and understand what I am saying.").?

The answer is, no, it did not come naturally, it feels natural now, but you had to train and practice for years before you could speak, read, and write.

Operating and using psychedelic consciousness is about an order of magnitude more complex than speaking, reading and writing. You have to train to be able to use it, just like you had to train to be able to speak, read, and write.

Luckily, the training goes faster than the many-years-long training we get for speaking, reading and writing. BUT, this training, while easier, never ends. You will be training your psychedelic consciousness for the rest of your life, because, it is vasrtly more complex than the relatively much simpler consciousness augmentation of abstract communications, that is, speaking, reading, and writing.

The second bit of luck is that the training is a fuck of a lot more fun than the way we were trained to speak read and write.

TLDR - You have to train to use psychedelic consciousness, just like you had to train to be able to speak, read, and write. Luckily, training in psychedelic consciousness is more fun.