Interesting (and typical) report of an entity experience - the entity is a classic Gaia, in this case a female forest entity presentation.

"The moment I became aware of this forest brain, it became aware of me. It was startling. I got the sense that it was always here, that trees are a kind of animal (with moss as body hair and muscular trunks) they just move very slowly, living on a different timescale, and that mushrooms slow down our perception so the wavelength of our existence becomes as long and low frequency as theirs (Such that our two waveforms coincide), allowing us to perceive and communicate with them. Each tree was it's own organism, like each cell in our brain is an individual microorganism in a sense, but they formed a collective intelligence that began to communicate with me via thoughtforms."

"On top of the other behaviors, she was also very bawdy. She kept asking about women in my life, demanding to know when I would have children with them. I kept telling her I want to wait until I am financially stable but she didn't understand the concept of money or anything else from human civilization, only animal drives like hunger and sex. She was very insistent that I bring a healthy woman with me next time and impregnate her while she watched. I scolded her for being perverted but she laughed/shrugged and expressed no shame in her conduct. Several times she formed illusory cunts in the soil/leaves with grass, moss or small leaves as public hair as if to excite me and inspire me to do as she asked next time. I told her I came here expecting inspiration and life lessons, not plant porn."