Psychonaut Book Project

Psychonaut Book Project


A branch off of r/Psychonaut.

This subreddit is dedicated to the production of a comprehensive book of the experiences of the community. It will be a collage of what Psychonaut means to the people whom identify with it. It will include artwork, poetry, short stories, essays, comics, and any other static form of expression that tickles our fancy.

"A Psychonaut is a person who explores activities by which altered states of consciousness are induced and utilized for spiritual purposes or the exploration of the human condition, including shamanism, lamas of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, sensory deprivation, and both archaic and modern users of entheogenic substances, in order to gain deeper insights into the mind and spirituality." Due to the wide range of personal experiences that such a philosophy is based on, it is only fitting that a book about it be the combination of each persons individual observations within the community.

I wish for this book project to simply be a point in space that beautiful ideas attract to, clumping up like a planet, gaining new powers like gravity, and sparking new life..

Submissions will be made in r/Psychonaut with the addition of the tag [Book Submission].

As of now we are looking to accept the top X% upvoted submissions into the book and fill gaps/transitions with some less upvoted submissions at the discretion of those assembling the book. X has yet to be determined.

The theme is Psychonaut. Whatever that may entail.

 Psychonaut Book Project