Psychonaut Web Mapping Project - it might be interesting to study their data...

It's interesting what you sometimes find doing unrelated searches. Their use of terminology is fascinating, "psychonaut", "web mapping", "novel psychoactive compounds" - imitation being the sincerest form of flattery?. Anybody know these guys? They might be fun to talk to.

The Psychonaut Web Mapping Project is a 2-year European Union funded project with the aim of developing a web scanning system to identify and categorise novel recreational drugs/psychoactive compounds, and new trends in drug use based on information available on the Internet.


A database of novel psychoactive compounds has been developed based on those provisionally identified online, with aim of producing technical reports for those substances for which some level of diffusion in the EU recreational consumers' community has been confirmed.

Over the past two years the Psychonaut Web Mapping project has set up an integrated mapping and monitoring system of the Internet which has allowed the early identification of emerging trends in recreational drug abuse (for example Spice and mephedrone).

And, their last newsletter looks interesting - but dated, 2009, I guess they ran out of money? Shame.

Psychonaut WEB MAPPING Project Newsletter
Issue 3, October - December 2009

I think we should conserve this stuff, it would be a shame to see it wither on the academic vine.

Old data and identifications, tho:


Bromo-Dragonfly (1-(8-bromobenzo[1,2-b;4,5-b']difuran-4-yl) -2-aminopropane) is a potent hallucinogenic drug active in low doses (from 200 μg). Although commonely related to phenethylamine, it has a distinct structure and belongs to a class of substances called benzodifurans.

B-fly was initially identified by the Psychoanut Project through searches conducted in Italy, Norway, Belgium and Finland in 2008. However, first reported cases of recreational abuse can be traced back to 2001. On the recreational scene, the substance comes under a variety of names such as 'DOB-Dragonfly, Dragonfly, BrDF, or simply B-fly'